Class Support

The HPC team encourages the use of the Argon system for coursework. Below is information about using it in the classroom.

Policy on Compute Resources

  • Courses may utilize dedicated investor resources purchased by Colleges, Departments, or other groups.
  • Courses may utilize the UI and all.q unless they are found to be dominating these resources in which case the HPC team will contact the course instructor to determine the best course of action.
  • A request for dedicated resources for a course may be made on a semester basis with a maximum request size of one modern standard compute node. A 1TB class file share is also available. Requests beyond this must rent nodes or storage for the semester at a cost. Approval of requests will be by the Director of Research Services and are contingent on resources availability in the UI pool of resources and the course being a good fit for use of HPC resources. Allocation of available UI resources to courses will be on a first come, first serve basis. Alternative solutions such as a paid cloud-based HPC cluster may be presented as an alternative where feasible.

Documentation and Resources Relevant to the Classroom

Getting Set Up

To set up for a course please fill in the HPC Resources for Classroom form on Workflow and provide a list of HawkIDs of the students, TA for the course:

Once your form has been received we will work with you to set up the course. For students who do not request Argon access with our Argon HPC account form will be given the access to the cluster until the course ends and will lose access afterwards.