Buy Compute Nodes

The University of Iowa HPC systems allow users to purchase dedicated compute node capacity for their groups. At present the following options are available for purchase. For questions or to purchase nodes please contact For information on data storage options please visit

Argon Phase 1 - No Longer Available for Purchase

Argon Phase 1 Compute Nodes - (56 compute slots, 2 x Xeon E5-2680v4 (28 Cores at 2.4GHz), 1TB SSD, 1Gbps Ethernet, 100Gbps Omnipath, Warranty through May 2022)

Argon Phase 1 Accelerator Card Additions are Available - Must be ordered, typical lead time is 2-4 weeks

The HPL benchmark results for the Xeon E5-2680v4 is 766.1 TFlops

  • Nvidia Titan V - $3179 (1 per accelerator capable node)
  • Nvidia K80m – $4529 (Up to 2 per accelerator capable node)
  • Nvidia P100 - $5890 (Up to 2 per accelerator capable node)
  • Nvidia P40 - $7079 (Up to 2 per accelerator capable node)
  • Other GPU cards are not supported in Argon Phase 1 systems. 
  • An 8x Omnipath card must be purchased when either a Titan V or two GPUs are installed in an Argon Phase 1 node - $285

Argon Phase 2

Consumer GPU friendly compute nodes are now available for purchase in the Argon system. Expected warranty for these nodes is through September 2023.

Silver Compute Nodes - Designed for GPU intensive computing with modest CPU use. - 40 Compute Slots, Xeon Silver 4114@2.2ghz, DDR4-2400, 1TB SSD, supports 4 GPUs, no GPU included in price below.

The HPL benchmark results for the Xeon Silver 4114 is 409.9 TFlops

  • Low Memory - 96GB - $6600
  • Standard Memory: - 192GB - $7850
  • Mid-Memory: 384GB - $10,700

Gold Compute Nodes - Designed for GPU intensive computing with significant CPU use. 64 Compute Slots, Xeon Gold 6130@2.1ghz DDR-2666, 1TB SSD, supports 4 GPUs, no GPU included in price below.

The HPL benchmark results for the Xeon Gold 6130 is 1004 TFlops

  • Standard Memory - 192GB - $12,000
  • Mid-Memory - 384GB - $14,000
  • High-Memory - 768GB - $18,000

GPUs - As indicated above these configurations do not include GPU cards. We are suggesting a "Bring Your Own GPU" model with the following cards supported:

  • Nvidia Titan V - $3179/card
  • Nvidia GeForce 1080 Ti - No longer generally available for purchase. Investigating options for other consumer card support. For more details contact us.
    • The general guidance at this time is that cards cooled by Nvidia's "reference design" (a single fan drawing air through a shrouded baffle across components) should work, but cards cooled by fans blowing directly down onto the card (typically 3) will not.
    • Examples of 1080 cards not directly manufactured by Nvidia which are supported:
      • PNY: VCGGTX1080T11PB-CG
      • MSI: GTX 1080 Ti AERO 11G OC
    • If you have a different product in the 1080 Ti family in mind, ask us and we can request information from our vendor on supportability in the server chassis.
    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founder's Edition (direct from Nvidia)

High Speed Interconnect is not included - Contact us to discuss options.

How long will my compute node be available?All HPC compute nodes are purchased with a five year warranty. Compute nodes will be allowed to run for up to 7 years within the following parameters.

  1. The final two years of the compute node life are outside warranty and are on a best effort basis.
  2. If software/OS can no longer support compute equipment prior to the end of its 7 year life the HPC team may, in consultation with the HPC Policy Committee, determine that the life of compute equipment is shorter than 7 years. Should this occur the HPC team will strive to provide at least six months of notice to the HPC community before equipment is decommissioned.
  3. In the event that compute nodes fail outside of warranty they will not be repaired. The HPC team will attempt to keep investor queues at the purchased capacity, to the extent possible, based on the following process and guidelines.
    1. Investor compute nodes that fail out of warranty will be replaced with compute nodes from the UI queue within the same generation of hardware.
    2. When possible compute nodes will be replaced with same or higher specification hardware. This will not be possible in all cases. In cases where this is not possible the investor will be contacted by the HPC team with available options.
    3. Transfer of compute nodes from the UI queue to investor queues will occur in the order in which failures occur.
    4. UI queue compute node availability is finite and is unlikely to be able to sustain all investor queues at full capacity for a 7 year life. As such investors should not assume that their queue will remain at full capacity for the duration of the two year life outside of warranty.


Renting Compute Nodes

HPC node rentals are available on a limited basis and subject to specific node type availability. The minimum rental period is for one month. Prices are per node per month. We prefer to know in advance the number of months you wish to reserve the nodes for. For questions or to request a node rental please contact us.

Node Type Cost/Month
Argon Phase 1 - 128GB $175
Argon Phase 1 - 256GB (No Accelerator Support) $200
Argon Phase 1 - 256GB (Accelerator Support) $210
Argon Phase 1 - 512GB (Accelerator Support) $250
Nvidia P100 GPU (GPU Only, Add on to Accelerator Capable Argon Phase 1 Node) $200
Argon Phase 2 - Xeon Silver 192GB with 4 Nvidia 1080 Ti $320
Argon Phase 2 - Xeon Silver 192GB with 4 Nvidia Titan V $550