SSH Port change for off-campus Helium Users

On March 1st, 2013, the campus network perimeter will be changed to deny incoming connections on port 22 (the default SSH port) from off-campus.  This change in policy will affect how off campus users access Helium using SSH. In preparation for this change, we have enabled SSH connections on port 40 for off-campus users.  On campus users may use SSH to connect to Helium on either port.   This change is currently in effect on Helium, and will be enforced by the campus change on March 1st. 

From the command line, specifying an alternative port is as simple as: 

     ssh -p 40

If you use an application such as NoMachine, SecureCRT, Putty, or WS_FTP to access Helium, please consult the documentation for specifics on specifying port 40. Additional configuration information can be viewed here.  Please not that this will not affect GlobusOnline usage.