Spring 2021 HPC maintenance

The next scheduled maintenance window is 8am April 28, 2021 - 8am April 29, 2021

Items scheduled:

  • system updates
  • allow user access to performance counters on GPUs
  • change base_arch from sandybridge to broadwell
  • move old environment modules to "legacy" stack
    The original set of environment modules on Argon are available by default and their availability is not removed upon loading one of the newer stack modules. As the software stacks have grown, in size and complexity, that introduces more opportunities for module collisions in an environment. With this change, the old modules will be made available as a distinct stack, just like the newer stacks. Thus, it will no longer be possible to have the legacy modules available at the same time in a session as newer modules. The modules will still be available, they will just be swapped out with other stacks.
  • The legacy modules stack will be loaded by default in the short term so most people will not see a change in behavior. Eventually, a newer stack will be made the default.
  • If you have a default module set, it will be loaded by default, instead of the default stack. See Module sets and Default module set for more information.