/nfsscratch Space Running Low

/nfsscratch space is currently at less than 10TB. If you have large amounts of data stored on /nfsscratch we encourage you to take some time to delete data. As a reminder, automatic data deletion is not currently happening but will resume on June 1, 2019 as detailed here: https://hpc.uiowa.edu/system-news/nfsscratch-cleaning-changes


The HPC team is in the process of adding 20TB of short term space within the next day. The team is also evaluating the addition of more capacity at the upcoming maintenance on May 16, 2019. https://hpc.uiowa.edu/system-news/scheduled-maintenance-may-16-2019


If you have any questions or need assistance with clean up on /nfsscratch please contact us at research-computing@uiowa.edu