Neon Shutdown Date Set

The Neon HPC system will be five years old in October 2018 and was purchased with a five year warranty. The system has experienced a high failure rate during it's four years of operation and with this in mind an expected shutdown date of June 1, 2019 has been set.

What does this mean? - Work is under way to determine the best options with respect to the Neon system but at present this means that in December 2018 no new accounts or central software installs would be allowed on the system. On June 1, 2019 the system would be shut down for any further computations and any data stored in scratch or home accounts would need to be migrated to other systems.

Will there be a system built to replace Neon? - Yes, we are expecting to build a new HPC cluster prior to Neon being shut down. At present planning is scheduled to begin in March 2018. Work is also under way to submit a NSF Major Research Instrumentation proposal focused on an HPC system enabled for Deep Learning that if funded would likely be a part of a Neon successor system.

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