HPC Maintenance Thursday May 10th

The next scheduled maintenance window for the HPC systems is May 10, 2018 8AM - May 11, 2018 8AM.

During this time the Neon and Argon systems will be offline for maintenance. All jobs running at the beginning of the maintenance will be killed.

The following work is currently scheduled:

Neon System

  • System updates and security patches including Spectre/Meltdown mitigations.
  • Update to CentOS-6.9 and OFED-3.18


Argon System

  • System will be offline for LC cooling infrastructure maintenance.
  • BIOS updates.
  • Replacement of /nfsscratch with new system (data will be migrated from old nfsscratch system to new).
  • Singularity Upgrade/Change - As of version 2.4, Singularity now has a feature to pull in support for NVidia GPUs. Pass the --nv flag to the singularity subcommand. As such, the scheme of putting nvidia libraries into /opt/nvidia and bind mounting that directory is no longer needed, and will be removed from Argon.