Changes in Software Packaging

Changes in Intel Compiled Applications

As we move into our new HPC model, where Neon nodes are brought into the Argon HPC system, we will need to build packages with the Intel compiler that can run on all types of nodes in an optimal way. This will require building new packages as the current Argon Intel built packages will not run on the Neon nodes due to architecture specific optimizations. New packages with an '_intel' suffix will be deployed, probably after the convergence of cluster resources, using a newer version of Intel Parallel Studio compiler. In addition, attempts will be made to rebuild the existing packages with the current Intel compilers, maintaining the '_parallel_studio' naming, to maintain continuity but this may not be possible in all cases. These new and rebuilt packages will have multiple code paths where the optimal path will be determined at run time. Thus, the code should run optimally on all of the architectures that will be in Argon.