Argon head node experiencing failure

April 23, 12:49 PM - The issue with Qlogin is resolved now.

April 23: 12:40 PM - We are still facing some issues with the system, one of them being the Qlogin session not working. We are working on it and will post updates here as news becomes available.

11:00 AM - Argon has returned to service, with the issue having been identified as a full filesystem.  Thank you for your patience.

9:30 AM - Argon remains offline but we have been able to login to the Argon head (control) node and are currently assessing system status.

8:00 AM - The Argon system is currently offline. It appears that there is a hardware failure on the Argon head node that is affecting queue related commands, environment modules, and running jobs.  We are assessing the situation but cannot give an estimate just yet on when Argon will return to full service, but will be posting updates here as news becomes available. We believe that this situation may have started at approximately 8:30PM on April 19th but further analysis is required.


Thank you for your patience, and our apologies for the inconvenience.