The Neon and Argon HPC clusters are currently the primary central HPC resources. Collectively the two systems will be composed of over 400 compute nodes with more than 10,000 processor cores. The Neon system has an internal QDR Infiniband network and the systems will be connected by high speed 10Gb Ethernet links. The Argon system uses a 100Gb Omnipath network and is connected to the campus via high speed 10Gb Ethernet links. Click here for details of the Neon and Argon HPC Clusters.

ITS - Research Services collaborates with and assists University of Iowa researchers, scholars, and research support groups in a variety of fields and activities. Primary services provided are research consulting, data storage, and high performance computing. To learn more visit our Service Catalog.

ITS - Research Services can also help facilitate access to national computing resources, such as those provided by XSEDE. This includes large scale computational resources as well as access to expertise that may not be available on the University of Iowa campus.