Confluence - Wiki

The HPC group uses the Confluence wiki site to capture and share documentation and instructions.  Some other uses for this wiki include group collaboration, research notes to be shared with colleagues on other campuses, and teaching with a shared location to edit content.  You can access our documentation at:

Supercomputing Conference

The ACM Sigarch and IEEE Computer Society hold the annual Supercomputing Conference in November. The conference has built a diverse community of participants, including researchers, scientists, computing center staff members, IT and data center management, application developers, computer manufacturing personnel, program managers, journalists, and congressional staffers. The technical program has addressed virtually every area of scientific and engineering research, as well as technological development, innovation, and education.  Research Services, as well as various members of the UI HPC community, have attended this conference every year for the past decade.  

For more information on the conference, contact or visit: