Users of the University of Iowa HPC system are encouraged to install all software possible in their home account or in shared storage. Singularity container technology is also supported on the Argon cluster.

In cases where software requires root access to be installed or the software will be widely used, it may be deployed by a cluster administrator globally on the HPC system. In these situations, the software package will be evaluated by an HPC administrator to determine the complexity of the installation. If it is estimated to require minimal effort, then the administrator will proceed with the installation. In cases where installation is deemed complex or time consuming (usually more than four hours), the level of complexity will be communicated to the requesting user and costs may be associated with the installation. The time it takes to deploy new software varies substantially due to complexity and demands on our time, but we always aim to install packages in a timely manner. Requests should be directed to​​​​​​ or to your local HPC support admin.

A list of already installed software is available here.