Online HPC Education

The SIGHPC Education Chapter aims to promote interest in and knowledge of HPC applications. The objectives of SIGHPC Chapter include:

  • Promote an increased knowledge of, and greater interest in, the educational and scientific aspects of HPC and its applications.
  • Provide a means of communication among individuals that have an interest in education and career building activities relating to HPC.
  • Promote and collate education activities and programs through formal and informal education activities.
  • Provide guidance to the community on the competencies required for effective application of computational modeling, simulation, data analysis, and visualization techniques.
  • Provide information on quality educational programs and materials as well as facilitating experience with building access to existing HPC resources.

SIGHPC's education and training materials that focus on computational science skills are posted on their website, and include:

  • HPCUniversity: Searchable database of a variety of HPC and computational science education resources
  • Biology Workbench: Web-based tools to search and analyze protein and nucleic acid databases
  • GridChem: Science gateway for computational chemistry applications
  • CSERD: Computational science education reference desk - another database
  • PHET: Interactive science and math simulation collection
  • COMPADRE: COMPADRE Advanced Labs and Computer Simulations
  • Computational Biology: Computational biology for biology educators - exercise examples
  • Bioquest Bedrock: Bioquest problem spaces with research projects and tools 
  • And many more listed in the above link