XSEDE Student Engagement Summer Immersion Program Call for Students

The XSEDE Student Engagement Program is seeking undergraduate and graduate students for a 10-week project experience for this summer. Working with XSEDE researchers and staff, students will make meaningful contributions to research, development and systems projects that benefit the national scientific and computational community. In exchange, students will be provided with travel support for project orientation and to attend the XSEDE'13 conference in San Diego, CA in July, and a small stipend.

Projects for 2013 address a wide variety of computational needs. Some of the projects allow students to work remotely (from their home or home institution), although some require the student to be onsite at their supervisor's institution. All projects will have well-defined work plans, established collaboratively at the orientation meeting. Students are also expected to participate in surveys and other evaluation activities, to help XSEDE track the effectiveness and impact of the program.

Available projects are listed at 2013 Student Engagement Projects. To apply, complete the form online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/StuEngApplication-2013 and email your required documents to outreach-stueng@xsede.org. Your application will not be considered until all material has been received.


Application Deadline: March 29, 2013

Interviews: April 8-19, 2013 (via conference calls) Student

Notification: April 26, 2013

Orientation:  May 28-31 (location(s) to be determined)

XSEDE'13: July 22-25 (San Diego, CA)

Project Descriptions: https://www.xsede.org/student-engagement-projects.

Email Contact (for questions, and to send resumes and transcripts): outreach-stueng@xsede.org