XSEDE Research Allocation Requests

XSEDE is now accepting Research Allocation Requests for the allocation period, October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013. The submission period is from June 15, 2012 until July 15, 2012. Please review the new XSEDE systems and important policy changes (see below) before you submit your allocation request through the "XSEDE User Portal":http://portal.xsede.org
**NEW XSEDE Resources:**
See the Resource Catalog for a list of XSEDE compute, visualization and storage resources, and more details on the new systems (https://portal.xsede.org/web/guest/resources/overview).

* The new NICS HP/NVIDIA, Heterogeneous Computing System (Keeneland) will be available to the XSEDE user community for the period starting July 1, 2012. Other information available at http://keeneland.gatech.edu/overview

* "Open Science Grid (OSG)":http://www.opensciencegrid.org/ computational resources has been available to the XSEDE user community since, April 1, 2012. OSG organizes a large set of compute resources that form a distributed high throughput computing fabric for US research communities. XSEDE users will be able to access the OSG from a “virtual cluster” that forms an abstraction layer to access these distributed OSG resources; this interface will enable XSEDE users to manage their jobs, provide the inputs and retrieve the outputs. Additional information is available via the "Guide for XSEDE Users of OSG":http://osg-docdb.opensciencegrid.org/cgi-bin/ShowDocument?docid=1081

**Estimated Available Service Units/TB for upcoming meeting:**
Albedo, Wide Area File System **150**
Indiana University Gateway/Web Service Hosting (Quarry) **40**
NICS HP/NVIDIA (Keeneland) **2,000,000**
NICS Cray XT5 (Kraken) **200,000,000**
NICS SGI/NVIDIA, Visualization and Data Analysis System (Nautilus) **2,000,000**
Open Science Grid (OSG) **2,000,000**
PSC SGI Altix UV (Blacklight) **7,000,000**
Purdue Condor Pool **6,000,000**
Purdue Dell PowerEdge Linux Cluster (Steele) **8,000,000**
SDSC Appro Linux Cluster (Trestles) **16,000,000**
SDSC Appro with Intel Sandy Bridge Cluster (Gordon Compute Cluster) **25,000,000**
TACC Dell PowerEdge Westmere Linux Cluster (Lonestar) **13,000,000**
TACC Dell/NVIDIA Visualization and Data Analysis Cluster (Longhorn) **3,000,000**
TACC Sun Constellation Cluster (Ranger) **115,000,000**
TACC Sun Visualization System (Spur) **500,000**

**Allocation Request Procedures and Policy Changes:**
The proposal submission interface is no longer accessible through the url pops-submit.teragrid.org. Any allocation request (submission) must occur via the XSEDE User Portal. Login, select the Allocations tab and then click on the Submit Request subtab. If you do not have a portal login/password, create an account on the portal welcome page.
The new submission interface has been simplified. The PI’s project is displayed as a history of allocation requests with a status and a list of actions (in orange) that the PI can take on the request. The actions (such as renewal) are only available at appropriate times (submission periods).

**Extended Collaborative Support:**
Extended Collaborative Support, formally known as Advanced User Support requests will no longer be part of the Main Document proposal, but will be defined by five (5) questions that have been added to the Resource Request section. If Extended Collaborative Support is requested the five questions will need to be answered in full. (See the ECSS page at
A guide for writing requests and references to examples, are available at the XSEDE website (https://portal.xsede.org/successful-requests. The XSEDE Allocations Policy document explains the allocations process, procedures and policies (https://portal.xsede.org/web/guest/allocation-policies).

Ken Hackworth
XSEDE Resource Allocations Coordinator

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