Students@Supercomputing Conference

What is Students@SC?

Students@SC is a vibrant part of SC that includes the Student Volunteers, Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates, Student Job Fair, Mentor–Protégé, and Student Cluster Competition programs. SC’s technical program also offers a Doctoral Showcase for advanced PhD students. Supported students are given the opportunity to receive an immersive experience at the world’s premier HPC conference – an invaluable opportunity for professional and technical enrichment

Important Deadlines

Conference Date: November 11–16, 2018
Location: Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, Dallas

Application deadline for Student Volunteers: June 15, 2018

Application deadline for Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates: July 31, 2018

Application deadline for Doctoral Showcase: July 31, 2018

Apply at:

For more information, please visit

Why Participate?

The SC Conference aims to build a strong, diverse HPC student community at the undergraduate and graduate levels by offering professional development opportunities, guidance from mentors, and engagement with the SC Program. By supporting and encouraging students, Students@SC helps their transition into the professional community. Students can apply for support to participate via the Student Volunteers, Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates, and Doctoral Showcase programs. We especially welcome applicants from underrepresented groups including women, racial minorities, and persons with disabilities.