Researchers may choose 5TB of storage at no cost on RDSS or LSS

In response to feedback received during the service review performed in early 2019, researchers may choose to have 5TB of backed up storage at no cost on either the Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) or the Large Scale Storage (LSS) service beginning July 1, 2019. Previously, 5TB of storage was available to researchers at no cost only on RDSS.

Which storage system should I choose?
For a comparison of the RDSS and LSS services, please refer to the table at

How do I get storage space on RDSS or LSS?
To request an account, please submit the appropriate form:
RDSS Request Form
LSS Request Form

I am currently paying for an LSS share. Do I need to do anything to have my billing adjusted?
Yes, please email and ask to have your 5TB of free storage applied to your LSS share. Please include the name of the share in your email.

I have a RDSS share and want to move my data to LSS.  What should I do?
Begin by submitting the request form for an LSS share and indicate in the “Questions and Comments” area that you want the LSS share to replace your RDSS share. A member of the Research Computing team will then get in touch with you to discuss the options for transferring your data.

What if I need more than 5TB of storage?
Additional storage space is available in 1TB increments for a cost on both RDSS and LSS. For details about the costs, please refer to