New Argon software stack

We are beginning to roll out updates to the Argon software stack. None of the existing packages will be removed and the updates will be made available via an environment module. This will allow us to deploy sets of updates in an easier fashion, while still maintaining previous versions. Initially, new compiler and OpenMPI versions, along with reasonably complete Python-2 and Python-3 stacks will be available, with other packages added over time. To use the new packages start by first loading the "stack" module.

module load stack/2019.1

Eventually, this will be loaded by default but for the near term it will be "opt in". Once that module is loaded you should see new module directories when running 'module avail'. You can unload the stack module if/when the new modules provided by it are no longer needed. Note that versions of software in the 'stack/2019.1' set of modules that are newer than existing versions will become the default versions to load if version strings are not used in your module load commands.