Neon Compute Cluster Open For Purchases

The next generation collaborative HPC cluster, "Neon", is now open for the purchase of compute nodes. The system will be purchased from Atipa Technologies ( and the following compute node types are available:

  • Standard Node (64GB, 16 Core 2.6GHz) - $4881
  • Mid-Memory Node (256GB, 16 Core 2.6GHz) - $6396
  • High Memory Node (512GB, 24 Core 2.9GHz) - $14,086
  • Xeon Phi Accelerator Card (8GB, 60 Core 1GHz) - $2119

All systems include QDR Infiniband and a 5 year warranty. Installation of Neon is planned for November 2013 with initial orders due August 2, 2013 but we do anticipate the ability to purchase additional compute nodes after the installation of the system.

For further details, if you are interested in buying into the Neon system, or if you have any questions please contact