National Strategic Computing Initiative Seminar Series

What is National Strategic Computing Initiative?

On July 29 Obama signed and an Executive Order (EO) creating the National Strategic Computing Initiative

In order to maximize the benefits of HPC for economic competitiveness and scientific discovery, the United States Government must create a coordinated Federal strategy in HPC research, development, and deployment.  Investment in HPC has contributed substantially to national economic prosperity and rapidly accelerated scientific discovery. Creating and deploying technology at the leading edge is vital to advancing my Administration's priorities and spurring innovation.  Accordingly, this order establishes the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI). 

Importance of NSCI

  • Scientific discovery and economic competitiveness required action
  • Many complex scientific problems rely on both simulation and/or the manipulation, curation and analysis of very large data sets.
  • Separations of these two aspects are being blurred and new approaches are required if we are to move toward from petascale to exascale.

Seminar Series

NIST decided to start an NSCI seminar program. The initial thinking was that it would be only and internal seminar program but as a consequence of much broader interest, it was decided to allow outsiders to attend as visitors, subject to the usual NIST rules and to webcast the talks to selected sites.  I am happy to say that this has been accomplished.

University of Iowa through Iowa Informatics Initiative (UI3) is one of the participants of this seminar series. We have a spot through BlueJeans connection with which we connect to the remote site where the seminar is given by an eminent scientist/scholar in the respective field. Below are the seminars and the links to the Events Calendar with more details. 

All the seminars are scheduled in N512 College of Public Health Building from 12 PM - 1 PM on the days of the seminar.

September 20: Stan Williams
Note: The seminar September 20 is canceled!

Title: Electrical and Physical Characterization of Nano- and Non-Linear Devices for Future Computing

October 4: Thom Dunning
Title: Leading-edge Computers and The Extraordinary Research They Enable

October 18: Barry Schneider: Rescheduled to October 25.
Title: CyberScience and CyberInfrastructure: A New Approach to Discovery in Science and Engineering

November 1: Omar Ghattas
Title: Trends in Scientific Computing and Data

November 15: John Martinis
Title: Roadmap for building a quantum computer

December 6: Jack Dongarra
Title: An Overview of High Performance Computing and Benchmark Changes for the Future

December 20: Bob Wisneiff
Title: New Technologies for Improved Computer Performance