ITS Research Services Welcomes Four New Employees

Information Technology Services Research Services (ITS-RS) recently filled four positions; a combination of new and existing roles. The new positions support data-intensive computing and self-service improvements that are funded through the University budget process. As a part of the OneIT workforce development initiative, three of the four were filled by internal candidates. We hope the campus community will join ITS-RS in welcoming these individuals to their new roles.

Additions to the RS Campus Engagement Team

Genevieve Johnson joined the ITS-RS as a self-service integration specialist and application developer. She leads efforts to reengineer processes and services for a more efficient, self-service model across the entire RS service portfolio. Genevieve previously worked for ITS Enterprise Services as an application developer. Before joining UI, she worked as a web developer at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) where she earned baccalaureate and master’s degrees in mathematics.

Elizabeth Leake supports ITS-RS and the Iowa Informatics Initiative (UI3) as a communications manager. Prior to joining UI, Elizabeth served in research computing and central IT campus engagement roles at public universities for ten years. As the External Relations Coordinator for the National Science Foundation’s TeraGrid project, she led a nationally-distributed team of storytellers who illuminated the importance of the U.S. taxpayer investment in performance technology. In 2012, Elizabeth founded a global, grassroots public charity that supports advanced skills training for early-career science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals.

RS Advanced Computing Systems Team Newcomers

Cody Johnson, in his new role as an interactive research computing administrator, allies with stakeholders to deploy collaborative platforms, such as JupyterHub, to facilitate data analytics and AI workflows on local and federated large-scale campus computing resources. Cody previously worked for ITS Enterprise Infrastructure where he supported a variety of applications on high-availability servers and storage systems. Before joining UI, he worked for UNI as a program assistant responsible for streaming application servers.

Brian Ring is a senior systems administrator who provides specialized application support for the Iowa Institute for Human Genetics (IIHG) and other interdisciplinary teams whose research involves human genetics. He is primarily responsible for supporting and implementing process and workflow around IIHG’s research and clinical genetic data acquisition and analysis processes using a variety of technologies. In his unique IIHG/Research Services joint role, Brian will provide a valuable technical link between RS and IIHG systems. Before joining ITS-RS, he worked as a senior storage engineer at UI Hospitals and Clinics, and as an enterprise-systems engineer at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City.

McKenna Kinley was on track to join our team as an HPC operations specialist, but she accepted an offer with Amazon Web Services (AWS). While we are sad to see her leave UI and the RS team where she served as a student employee for three years, we are proud that UI provided her with the undergraduate academic and professional experience necessary to compete for this wonderful opportunity. Please join us in wishing her the best of luck as she launches her professional career with AWS in Seattle.

An additional search is underway; have you considered a career with RS?

The RS Advanced Computing Team (ACT) continues to search for one more professional who would enjoy working on a high performing, collaborative team in support of UI’s research mission. The position will support a variety of computational platforms and storage resources used by UI researchers. We are willing to develop a flexible role and mentor anyone who lacks experience, but possesses the interest in and aptitude for this career track. For more information, contact RS Associate Director Joe Hetrick.