Intel Xeon Phi User Group (IXPUG) Fall 2017 Meeting

Save the dates    :  September 26-28
Event information :  
Abstracts Due     :  August 6, 2017


The Intel Xeon Phi User Group (IXPUG) Fall Meeting will investigate many-core concepts on KNL/KNC systems, explore ideas, adopted practices and application optimizations. The meeting will allow the many-core community to share experiences that will help users take advantage of new technologies such as AVX512 operations, high-bandwidth memory (MCDRAM), KNL tiles, and the latest high-speed messaging (MPI) hardware and software.


If you are interested in attending please register-- it's free! IXPUG welcomes presentation submissions (extended abstracts) on innovative work from KNC and KNL users in academia, industry and government labs, describing original discoveries, experiences and methods for obtaining efficient and scalable use of many-core systems.


At this meeting you will experience an open forum with a community enthused about many-core computing: application programmers, system admins, Intel Phi architecture designers, and compiler and tool experts.


The program will contain sessions with technical presentations and lightning talks on the topics listed at the above URL.  There will also be keynote speakers, a panel discussion, a roadmap session and a half day of tutorials with hands-on experience on the TACC KNL system.