Frequently Asked Questions (in light of COVID-19)

Are ITS-Research Services (ITS-RS) staff working remotely?

Yes, at the direction of University leadership, all RS staff are working remotely.

Are ITS-RS services affected by remote work?

We expect this to have minimal impact on day to day operations. Those who use ITS-RS services may continue to seek our help by writing to: We are maintaining our regular hours of operation, and will respond as soon as possible. Since on-site visits are now minimized, restoration of services following outages may be delayed. 

Is there sufficient capacity on U-Iowa's HPC, LSS and IDAS services? 

Yes, we expect there will be adequate capacity on UI's High Performance Computing (HPC), Large-Scale Storage (LSS), and the Interactive Data Analysis Service (IDAS), even given that most are working remotely. If you anticipate increased need for one of these services due to changes in your research workflow, please contact us.


Can ITS-RS help with research data that must be stored and backed-up?

Yes! The table at describes available storage options and explains which are appropriate for the classification of data involved (determined by compliance considerations). You'll find additional information about UI research storage options here: Please contact with questions.

Will ITS-RS advise on compliance and security issues surrounding data storage and remote access? 

The table at features data access and storage options available for various data classifications. For questions that aren't covered there, please contact us at:

Specialized software and/or instrumentation only available on campus computers are needed; how can they be accessed remotely (and securely)?

This may or may not be possible. Please check with personnel who support technology for the department where it's housed. Extended technical support contact information is available here:

Health Care Information Systems (HCIS): and the ITS helpdesk: can advise regarding systems in their care. If you have specialized software that could be installed on systems managed by ITS-RS (HPC, IDAS or Secure Remote Desktop), please contact us at to discuss options.

Will Intro to HPC and other workshops be available online while everyone is working remotely?

Yes! Intro to R/Tidyverse and Intro to HPC are being offered online in April and May (respectively), and we're restructuring additional courses for online delivery. For upcoming workshops, visit:

What online communication tools are available for use by UI researchers and their collaborators? 

ITS has developed a resource page to help those who are working remotely: If your research team has unique needs that are not satisfied by these options, please contact us at