The Information Technology Services’ Research Services department provides high-performance computing (HPC) resources, storage, scientific software, and support for members of the campus community. The ITS-RS Campus Engagement Team provides advanced skills training, and assistance with grant development, data stewardship, research data compliance, scientific software, and more. Several ITS-RS consultants serve as U.S. National Science Foundation Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE ) Campus Champions. The XSEDE portfolio of federated, advanced computational resources and services is more diverse and powerful than a single institution could afford, on its own. XSEDE is funded by the U.S. taxpayer investment and is available at no cost to U.S. researchers and their collaborators.

Argon, a locally hosted HPC resource, features approximately 15,000 processor cores and 110 graphics processing unit (GPU) accelerators (both Infiniband and Omnipath interconnects). In Q419, Argon's power increased by around 40 percent with double the number of GPUs; up to eight GPUs are available on a single system. 

The Interactive Data Analytics Service (IDAS), launched into production in Q4-19, is an HPC resource that supports large-scale and collaborative data analytics workflows involving RStudio for R and Jupyter Notebook for, but not limited to, Python. Users may access HPC resources within the IDAS interface, while performing interactive data analysis tasks with applications used for machine learning and other artificial intelligence workflows. In Q1-20, RStudio Classroom moved to a multi-server environment, and compute services dedicated for it was doubled. By Q3-20, 30 courses had adopted IDAS, and more than 1,000 student and instructor accounts had been granted. 

Two locally-hosted storage services are available: the Research Data Storage Service (RDSS), and Large Data Storage Service (LSS). The first 5TB on either service are available at no cost to researchers who have a faculty appointment, and their labs. Additional 1TB increments are available for a fee upon request.

Iowa’s research computing resources are attached to the local network by 10 GB Ethernet connections, and beyond, with 100 GB connections to Internet2. Iowa’s relationship with I2 facilitates trusted (InCommon & eduGAIN via GÉANT) collaborations among researchers at 317 institutions of higher education, 59 leading corporations, 60 affiliate and federal affiliate members, 43 regional and state education networks, and more than 70 national research and education network partners in more than 100 countries.